Sliding On The Driver’s Gloves

It’s been a while. Sorry about that. I know you’ve been waiting.

But now I’m back. And I’m sliding on my driver’s gloves.

You’re in for a ride too.


Because I’ve parked my pen for too long. But now I’m about to change it up a little.

Had to. Had to get a paint job for the new style. Had to get my mental engine tuned up to get back on the track.

Aside from that though, this new ride is about to start cutting some hard corners on all you Facebook dweebs.

Yeah you. The one who fiddles with your phone non stop. The late thirty-year-olds who’ve gotten rusty with the social skills and all you do is post garbage all day.

News flash… no one cares about your memes.

Yeah. I’m about to get you riled up real proper. So stay on the lookout.

Post number one. Done.




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